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    PC/P3/P4/X360/X1 5in1 Controller Converter(Bulk) received today, only 7 days to reach the north of Spain, when usually takes around 60 days. That's amazing. , great product with a great price, only in Superufo. Thanks Superufo.

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    Cool Stuff   Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive
    Superufo Pro8 superdrive (Japan)


    [Out of Stock ]
    Price:USD 46.46       (HKD:360.07)

    Manufacturer:  3rd Party
    Product ID: MISC-0280

    Shipping Weight: 0.267kg
    Usually Ships within 24 Hours
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    Product Features of Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive
  • Rom Cartridge Emulator for SNES / SFC
  • Backup your cartridge
  • Cheat code function
  • Real-time save ( infinitive replay
  • USB port for file transfer
  • What's inside the box of Cool Stuff Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive

  • Pro8 superdrive x 1
  • MicroSD/TF to SD Adaptor x 1
  • Driver CD x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1

    More Description of Cool Stuff Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive

    Pro8 superdrive is a Game Cartridge emulator for your SNES / SFC Console . It allows you to play your favourite backup game on your SNES console via Pro 8. Besides the game cartridge emulation function, it has more features as below :

    1. Game Cartridge emulator.
    2. Game save function.
    3. Real-time game save function.
    4. Firmware flash rom (firmware updatable)
    5. Memory card support SD, HC-SD, TF and MMC
    6. USB support for files transfer
    7. Cheat code function (Thousands of cheatcodes build-in)
    8. Multi game files format support (UFO , 078, SMC, FIG and Bin)
    9. Regional Protection Patch function ( auto patch and play ) : allows you to play imported games from different country
    10. Original game cartridge back up function. ( backup your existing game cartridge )

  • Internet Links and Downloads of Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive
  • Official website
  • SFC Loader
  • User Manual
  • Review of Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive

    Average customer review:Based on 8 reviews.

    Great for SNES fans          (Review by German for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (85.56.153.***)
    Fantastic Gadget. An old Snes copier in a standard Super Nintendo cartridge, with an USB connection and using today's SD cards. I have used an 8Gb kingston standard SD card and... NO PROBLEM. The whole snes roms collection was inside.
    [ 2012-03-30 ]

    I love it... Pro 8... call back all my memory          (Review by Thomson for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (24.86.207.***)
    GREAT PRODUCT! I loved how it rips any game I have. There are some game roms I've downloaded that don't work on any emulator I tried, but they DO work on the real SNES when played with the SurpeUFO Pro 8. For the first time I've been able to play "homebrew" SNES games on my real SNES, not just an emulator. It's a wonderful product! It's even better than advertised. They say it can play Super FX chip based games, when I found that as long as I have a Super FX game in the cartridge slot, it will use the cartridge's Super FX chip to play the game correctly! I only have 1 SFX chip based game (Star Fox) but I have a feeling if I used that Star Fox cartridge while trying to play a backup copy of another SFX game (such a Stunt Race FX) it would work. Overall a very good product, it does very well the things that a good copier should be able to do, but a cheat code device, a Sram game data backup, a Real time game level saver and a USB link DevKit, it should be the highest cost-performance SNES/SFC flash cart on the market. I would rate it 5 stars.
    [ 2012-03-24 ]

    cool stuff          (Review by Bader for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (85.154.7.***)
    This website ROCKS....
    [ 2012-03-07 ]

             (Review by Robert for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (76.23.99.***)
    didn't realize that I already bought tons of products here lol
    [ 2012-02-12 ]

             (Review by Christophe for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (83.152.78.***)
    it's a reliable product that I enjoyed gaming with it very much!
    [ 2012-02-12 ]

             (Review by Andrew.Brantly for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (233.215.2.***)
    We're very happy with it . It looks great, and it really make me amazing.... How magical it is !I really cann't leave it .
    [ 2012-02-12 ]

             (Review by Ethan for Cool Stuff  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive) (77.82.113.***)
    amazing game, i love it :D
    [ 2012-02-11 ]

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    Home  >   Cool Stuff  >   Video Games/Classic Games  >  Superufo Pro 8 Superdrive

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